EthChat is a simple php driven chat forum that you can install on your server and use to communicate with your friends!
EthChat was created specifically to host a very few clients and is not a solution for a large user base.
EthChat features are as follows:

  • Custom user icon, Display Name, Message Background, Font, Notification Sounds, Other Configurable Contact Methods.
  • User credential controls
  • Upload images, videos and audio
  • Manage uploaded files in profile section
  • Posting URLs, Image links, YouTube video links
  • Ping function to notify other users that you are active on EthChat / customizable notification using MMS or SMS service alternatively e-mail
  • Offline chat message forwarding
  • Online/Offline user list with custom status option
  • Add/Remove Users in admin section
  • Desktop, Mobile, Electron App versions can be easily created
  • Monitor and manage messages in admin section
  • Installer for deploying on Linux web server
    EthChat is distributed under the terms of the GPLv3.
  • -Matt (developer of EthChat)

    Download as Zip archive 

    Download Floppy Disk Image (1.44MB image) 

    The Following installable files are for users of However you can build your own phone or desktop applications based around EthChat using any of the 3 included versions.

    Download App for Android

    Download Linux AppImage 64bit

    Download Linux AppImage 32bit

    Download Linux AppImage arm64

    Download Linux AppImage armv7l

    Download Windows 64bit Installer

    Download EthChat